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Home/RS3Gold News/WOW Remind: 10 Things to do In Warlords of Draenor Level 100

WOW Remind: 10 Things to do In Warlords of Draenor Level 100

Time: Jun 11, 2015  

The fifth expansion of World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, has been launched for a week and there have been lots of people skyrocketed to level 100 already. Raids are locked at that moment and what you should do? Here are ten things for you to do in WOD once you’re lever 100.
1. Upgrade your weapon at the proving grounds. The first thing you want to do upon hitting level 100 is to start gearing up and run heroics. Try the proving grounds quest, (given in your Garrison by Lieutenant Thorn if you're Alliance, and Warmaster Zog if you're Horde), which will start you on your way with an ilvl 610 weapon.
2. Gear up in Heroic dungeons. Once you're 100, there will be four new dungeons unlock and a total of eight await five-man groups to get all the loot. Mobs drop items ilvl 630, which are just perfect for a fresh level 100 character. Challenge Modes—where you need to complete the dungeon as fast as possible—are back, so if you're in a good group or guild you might want to try those too.
3. Finish all the remaining zones and do all the leveling quests. Once you hit level 100, don't forget to go back finishing all the remaining zones and leveling quests. Thus you will get some additional rewards. Finishing a zone's story always rewards you with a free "Garrison Assembly Note," and there's always a quest here and there with some exceptional loot: a follower, some vanity pet or something for the Toy Box.
4. Queue up for Ashran and grab your PvP gear. Ashran is the new end-game cross-realm zone for level 100 characters. Once you get there you'll be flagged for PvP regardless of server types and queued automatically for a 100 vs. 100 world PvP battle for the island. Raise your reputation with the islands' factions and collect "Artifact Fragments" so you can buy all the PvP gear with an item level of 660.
5. Hunt for treasure and rare monsters in Nagrand. Nagrand is full of hidden treasures and some rare elites that can't be soloed but sometimes drop really great "binds on equip" gear, and that means one thing: amounts of WOW gold EU or else on the Auction House.
You can buy cheapest WOW gold EU at www.rs3gold.com/Gold/wow_eu.aspx
6. Get your Garrison ready for raiding. Raids unlock in early December so there's time to prepare. If you're seriously into raiding, you might want to build everything in your garrison around that: Get a barn, the salvage yard, the Inn or the Tavern, a barrack or the mage tower, and the best profession buildings.
7. Get started on your legendary quest. The Warlords of Draenor legendary quest will culminate with a powerful ring instead of a cloak like in Mists of Pandaria. You can start at level 98 to pick up the ilvl 640 ring.
8. Get started to collect mounts in WOW. The World of Warcraft is packed with different in-game mounts that can compliment your transmogrification or just look awesome. Collect mounts as daily quest once you hit the maximized level to build your own mount parade.
9. Gain faction reputations. Faction reputations in Warlords of Draenor work a bit different than before. It's all about finding treasures and killing rare elites. Find them, get their loot and hand them in.
10. Solo old content. Last but not least, solo old content to for profit and fun! Go back to Pandaria, preferably with a level 100 Blood Death Knight, and burst through everything. Grab those missing achievements. It's a fun way to check out content you've never seen, experience new bits of the game's story and get more WOW gold EU or else.
There are hundreds of WOW players reaching level 100 so far. It won’t take long to more fans hitting the maximized level. Follow the suggestions above to better enjoy your WOW world. By the way, you can buy cheapest WOW gold at www.rs3gold.com/Gold/wow_us.aspxto gear up for your level 100 in Warlords of Draenor.
The Rs3gold Team

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