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2rd RS Double XP Weekend 2019 Comes on Jul 26: Let’s Prepare Now!

Time: 07/04/19

Right now with another Double XP Weekend RuneScape set to start on July 26, what do you need to do? Why not learn some guides and tips here and make a good preparation in advance. 

RuneScape Double XP Weekend 2019

As is known to all, you can receive twice as much XP from most training activities on the Double XP Weekend. So at this time of year, all players will be very exciting. Here comes the good news. The second DXP Weekend is around the corner, arriving in game on July 26 (12:00, or midday) through July 29 (11:59, late morning).   

5 small tips for preparing the DXP Weekend

In order to make the most of your bonus XP and maximize your gains, there are 5 tips you’d better remember:
1.Become a part of a clan, if you are still not. Then you can summon the clan avatar, giving you an extra portion of bonus XP. 
2.Try to work on a skill, which allows you to train several skills at once. 
3.Buy some pulse cores in the oddments store in Treasure Hunter. When consumed, they will give you and everyone around you an extra burst of temporary bonus XP. 
4.Set up your bank presets before the weekend and use the proteans, or combat and skilling dummies during the event. 
5.If you want your weapons and tools to benefit as much as possible from DXP, you can augment your equipment ahead of time if you can access Invention. 

In addition, please mentally prepare for the RS Double XP Weekend too. If you need plenty of cheap RS3 gold, please place your orders here now. 

The RS3gold Team 

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