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Home / RS3Gold news / 300+ Illegal Infernal Cape OSRS Removed by Anti-cheating Team

300+ Illegal Infernal Cape OSRS Removed by Anti-cheating Team

Time: 11/08/18

Recently some Old School RS players were found to have received the infernal cape OSRS through an illegal way. Official anti-cheating team has dealt with this issue by removing these infernal capes with appropriate account bans.

Illegal infernal cape removed with account banned

The issue that some players bought the infernal cape OSRS recently has been noticed and handled by Old School team. The recent Tweet from the official account announces that more than 300 infernal capes have been removed from players who didn’t receive them legitimately, and these players are issued appropriate bans due to their illegal action.
infernal cape OSRS

Strategies to gain infernal cape OSRS from Inferno

As a superior variant of the fire cape, infernal cape OSRS is awarded for completing the Inferno. You need to defeat TzKal-Zuk, the last monster encountered in the Inferno if you want the much-coveted infernal cape.
To defeat TzKal-Zuk in OSRS Inferno, you can only fight against it with ranged or magic attacks instead of melee. The most effective choice is to use the twisted bow OSRS, which is the reward from the Chambers of Xeric. You can use the armadyl crossbow as the ranging weapon if you don’t own a twisted bow, and it is also recommended to use the toxic blowpipe for killing the minions that appear during the fight.

Hope these strategies can help you when fighting against TzKal-Zuk for infernal cape OSRS. Moreover, 8% off code “RNS8” is now available for RS gold for sale here until Nov 14th.

The RS3gold Team

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