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Black Knights’ Fortress OSRS Guide with Basics & Walkthrough

Time: 02/11/19

The Black Knights’ Fortress is an OSRS quest for Novice, in which you need to help the white knights to spy on the Black Knights and destroy their secret weapon. Here is a guide for Black Knights Fortress OSRS quest to help you complete the quest easily and fast.

Requirements of Black Knights’ Fortress quest

12 quest points are required for Black Knights Fortress OSRS quest. You need to own the cabbage, iron chainbody and bronze med helm, and make sure you are able to evade level 33 Black Knights.

Easy & quick guide for Black Knights Fortress

1. To start this quest, speak to Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd floor of the western tower of White Knights’ Castle in Falador.
2. Head to the Black Knights’ Fortress. Make sure you are wearing the Iron chainbody and the Bronze med helm and enter the fortress.
3. Push the wall in front of you and climb up the ladder twice.
4. Climb down the ladder just south, and then go through the eastern door and climb up the ladder.
5. Climb down the eastern ladder, go south through the door and climb-down the ladder.
6. In a small room, click on the grill to listen. Go back to the entrance after the conversation.
7. Open the door to the east after completing the conversation with the guard. Climb up the ladder, and run east and then south. Push the wall and see a hole.
8. Right-click your cabbage to use it on that hole.
9. Go back to Falador and speak to Sir Amik Varze. Quest complete!

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The RS3gold Team

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