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Catch RS3 Guthixian Butterflies for XP on The RS Easter Event 2019

Time: 04/10/19

The RS3 Easter Event unfurling on Apr. 15 will offer you fun experience to help host Eastertime fete through a Easter quest, and help the Easter bunny to collect eggs for rewards like Chickaxe. You may enjoy catching the RuneScape Guthixian butterflies for XP during the event.

Introduction to Guthixian butterflies for Easter Event 2019

Guthixian butterflies are re-occurring creature for every Easter Event, and manifestations of Guthix's memories, which, when caught, awards players with experience for their lowest skill. For players with level 99 in all skill (no higher than 120), the butterflies can add experience in all their skills with higher cap. When caught, each butterfly is able to restore your life points, Prayer points, or your Summoning level by 15% , or add 5% boost to the maximum of a random stat if the three stats are all at/above their maximum. Five caught butterflies can unlock one of fifteen Guthixian memories. 

Tips for catching RS3 Guthixian butterflies in Easter Event 2019

1.During the RuneScape Easter Event 2019, you will be able to catch 20 butterflies daily for experience. 
2.Any Guthixian butterflies caught beyond the number limit will not grant experience, nor unlock memories.
3.Wearing butterfly outfit  helps you catch butterflies on the first attempt. 

What else you can enjoy in Easter Event 2019?

In the RS Easter Event 2019, you’ll take be able to join in the following activities for rewards like RuneScape Chickaxe, and special Easter armors.
1.Finish Easter quest by cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild, making a swordsharkuna for the Fishing Guild, and decorating an elaborate ornate egg for the Crafting Guild.
2.Help the Easter bunny collect the crystallized Easter eggs to avoid a dental catastrophe.

It won’t be long before the RS3 Easter event begins. So get ready to compete the Easter quest, find the Easter eggs for Easter bunny, and of course, catch RuneScape Guthixian butterflies. If you are lucky enough to win Chickaxe, try it in game with the RS3 gold from us.

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