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Changes for RS Brine Sabre & More from Patch Notes This Week

Time: 08/13/19

Based on the multiple problems presented in your adventures, the latest patch notes has been implemented this week to solve the existed diverse troubles and issues. And there are the details about some changes including Runescape Brine Sabre and so on to you.  

Special attack of RS Brine Sabre available in the Shadow Reef

The Brine Sabre is a weapon dropped by Brine rats and requires an attack level of 40 to wield. And its special attack Liquefy can only be used in underwater locations such as Mogre Camp, underwater tunnel on Harmony Island, Dragontooth Shipwreck and ' Rum'geon. Fortunately, Liquefy can also work in the Shadow Reef this week. This special attack uses 75% adrenaline and doubles the chance of a successful hit. Meantime, it can also increase attack, strength and defence proportional to the damage dealt.

More changes made this week

At the same time, there are many more changes made: 
1. The issue where the Helm of the Parched Wyrm would give a Vyrewatch slayer task at Laniakea has been fixed.
2. The clue scroll map has been updated to better reference the updated mining site to the mine south east of Varrock.
3. The Illumination aura cannot be equipped now.
4. The issue where Slayer kill count was decreasing twice if a tagged target was killed by another player has been solved. 
5. Ironmen can finish slayer tasks within the Dragonkin Laboratory now.
6. Poison damage doesn't reduce your Invention charge kit any more.
7. Targets that can't be attacked by normal means cannot be damaged any more by Armour spikes.

Enjoy the adventures in Runescape with these changes. Anyway, cheapest RS3 gold and other related products are always waiting for you at RS3gold.com.

The RS3gold Team

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