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Changes to OSRS Last Man Standing & More Suggestions Recommended

Time: 09/07/19

According to players' feedback, there are some changes made to OSRS Last Man Standing minigame. Now you can enjoy a better playing experience. In addition, we also see a game player's post on reddit, which also requests to improve LMS. Let's take a look together.  

What changes have been made to OSRS Last Man Standing?

Since the Last Man Standing rework has released, players who has enjoyed playing it has reflected some issues online. Depending on these feedback, OSRS team makes the following changes to improve the game experience:
- The Staff of Balance has had its missing special attack button restored.
- NPCs in Last Man Standing now can be targeted by members-only Ancient spells on F2P.
- There is a restriction throughout LMS that players in combat recently may no longer climb up vertical ladders. But they can climb down the ladders and the restriction doesn't apply to the diagonal ladders of watchtowers.
- XP drops don't overlap with the HUD any more. 
- The number of LMS-enabled worlds has been adjusted as the launch rush has settled down.

Should the followings be made for LMS improvements? 

From a OSRS Last Man Standing game player, we have known some suggestions on LMS to improve the playing experience, including:
- Dark Bow should be removed from the loot table. 
- Prevent the chests or crates from giving duplicates. 
- Give more immunity time after getting a kill in the late game stage. It can become pretty difficult to filter out items, open the chest and sort out player's inventory before getting rushed. 
- The shortcut from the Moser Settlement to the Rocky Outcrops takes too long. A 1 or 2 tick stepping stone would be better suited for a fast-paced minigame. 
- Nerf VLS (increase special attack cost to 50%). Pretty much never misses already and giving it four specs on top of that is unnecessary. 
- Remove the amount of chests/buildings. A lot of the building made sense to have in the previous minigame but now feel totally useless.
- Remove the casual mode. It may make no sense when competitive is free. 
- Ranking system is busted.

How do you think of the suggestions? Should these be made for LMS improvements? Anyway, cheapest RS3 gold and other related products are offered to you forever. 

The RS3gold Team

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