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Changes to RS Scalable Solak Proposed By Mod Iago & Ramen

Time: 10/28/19

Runescape Scalable Solak is a powerful guardian serving Guthix. To fix and improve the encounter with Solak, Mod Iago and Ramen are planning to make some changes in several aspects.     

What changes will be made to Runescape Scalable Solak?

Solak is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. According to Runescape official upcoming updates revealed in WIKI, we have known that the encounter with Solak is being fixed by Mod Iago and Ramen in order to make him be fought by 2-7 players. Because Solak will still use 7-man mechanics although he can be fought in a group of 3-6. And the proposed changes to Runescape Scalable Solak are following: 
1. His health now scales at 1,000,000 combined with an additional 1,000,000 every player. 
2. Now the blight afflicted core's health scales at 125,000 per player. 
3. Unlike Manifestation of Erethdors only appear in 7-man encounters before, now they appear in the overworld when killed in Solak's mind.
4. The static drop rate of Blightbound crossbow and Off-hand Blightbound crossbow now is 1/200, which was the drop rate for duo encounters. Besides, the Erethdor's grimoire drop rate was also set to 1/200. 
5. There will be a removal of Solak's boss timer.

Runescape Scalable Solak: one of the Guardians of Guthix

Runescape Solak is a member of the group Guardians of Guthix, which is used to serve Guthix and help him guard important locations or philosophies of the Guthixian religion when he goes to sleep. You can start to battle with him by talking to Merethiel, an elf performing important roles for your team during the fight. After you defeat Scalable Solak, you will be able to obtain tier 92 dual-wield Blightbound crossbows, Erethdor's grimoire and his boss pet Solly as well as other drops. Moreover, you can be able to unlock two titles, The Reaper and the Guardian of the Grove. 

What do you think about these proposed changes of Scalable Solak? Anyway, please find us if you need to buy cheap RS3 gold.

The RS3gold Team  

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