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Home / RS3Gold news / Collect Clockwork Pieces by Catching Snow Impling RuneScape & More

Collect Clockwork Pieces by Catching Snow Impling RuneScape & More

Time: 11/13/17

Until Nov. 26, you can collect clockwork pieces by capturing Snow Impling RuneScape, training most skills conventionally and fighting most monsters. Let’s learn how many clockwork pieces you can gain from each of them and what rewards you can receive during the Going Like Clockwork. Please buy RS 3 gold first. 

Gather clockwork pieces RuneScape as many as possible
Like other time-limited events, during the Going Like Clockwork event, you can collect the clockwork pieces by training most skills conventionally, with extra 25% by training Invention, crafting and Hunter. In addition, you can also collect the pieces from killing most monsters and catching Snow Impling RuneScape. And the pieces can be bought for RuneCoins on the Seasonal Event interface's Shop tab. The following data is for reference:
Crafting, Invention or Hunter: 25–33
all other non-combat skills: 22–27
killing monsters: 25–30
daily challenges: 74–107
extended daily challenges: 148–180
capturing snow implings: 20
It’s noted that owing to the fast rate of gaining mystery boxes and completing the event too quickly by players, catching snow impling only grants 20 pieces right now, which originally gave 200 pieces upon the event release.

Receive rewards by handing clockwork pieces to Eira
Various rewards can be received by returning clockwork pieces to Eira.
The quantities of pieces you should hand in       Reward
2,000                                                                     clockwork shield
4,000                                                                     event mystery box 
5,000                                                                     a clockwork lemon
7,000                                                                     clockwork crown
8,500                                                                     big event mystery box 
10,000                                                                   Gnorm 
Just remember you can convert the pieces directly into mystery boxes at a cost of 375 per event mystery box or 750 per big event mystery box. In addition, although Ironman players can obtain pieces like others, they cannot convert them into mystery boxes or open any of the boxes. 

Why not buy RS 3 gold here and join in the event to collect clockwork pieces right now?

The RS3gold Team 

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