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Details of OSRS Pet Ranching with Pet Battling & Capturing

Time: 04/02/20

OSRS Pet Ranching is a new proposed skill that you can use it to obtain your pet, train it and battle against other pets. Here we introduce the details about how to obtain pet and how to take part in pet battling.  
How to obtain first pet to train OSRS Pet Ranching? 

There are three pets offered by Professor Magic Tree, but you are only allowed to choose one and then restore them in your roster or Menagerie:  
Heron: A bird with long leg likes to fish and can bring a dowsing effect on your opponents with water-based moves.  
Phoenix: A bird can singe your opponents with fiery-based moves.  
Tangleroot: A small living tree creature can cut and snare your opponents savagely with its grass-based moves.
Please note that these pets can only be obtained when your account is at least 10 days old. If you want to get more pets, just wander various areas of Gielinor, such as forests, dungeons and even desert.


How to join in pet battling for OSRS Pet Ranching?

As for Pet Ranching skill, the pet battling can occur in various ways, such as: 
1. Battle pets encountered in the wild.
2. Battle against NPC Pet Ranchers who can be found around the world.
3. To take part in a PVP battle, you must select another player. This battle is inescapable and must take place. 
While being in the battle, each participant will take turns selecting their action and attack with an ability or try to catch the opposing pet. In order to enjoy pet battling, you also need to focus on the following key details: 
1. Heron pet is good at water-based moves; Phoenix pet is good at fiery-based moves and Tangleroot pet is good at grass-based moves.
2. Each pet can learn a whole range of abilities with various effects. 
3. Each pet deals damage depends on the opposing pet's type. 
4. HP levels of pets will increase as you train them, which can increase how much damage they can take before dying. 

All in all, with this Pet Ranching releasing you can obtain and train your pet to battle against opposing pets and even enter Pet Raids. And remember to buy cheap OSRS gold at any time. 

The RS3gold Team  

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