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Details of RS Protean Trap with Higher Capture Rate & Experience

Time: 10/14/19

Runescape Protean Trap is a stackable item that can be used to trap creatures with a higher capture rate. While using protean traps, you can get experience whether or not a creature is trapped, and certain amount of protean items also can be available for you.  

What is Runescape Protean Trap?

Like bird snares, box traps and marasamaw plants, protean traps are used to capture creatures excluding Skillchompas, which can be won from Treasure Hunter. They don't require any baiting or smoking. Once a creature triggers the protean trap, it can be closed at once and then disappear whether it traps a creature or not. 
In addition, there is an auto-deploy option on protean traps, which means that you can choose it to deploy the maximum number of traps including the used traps automatically at your Hunter level. And this auto-deploying can be stopped by moving or running out of traps.   

What can you get while using Protean Trap? 

Protean Trap with a higher capture rate is a stackable item. If it captures a creature successfully, you will be able to get 25% experience boost. If not, you will also receive 50% of the normal catching experience. Furthermore, once using the trap, there will be a chance of catching prey increased 10% and it will stay up for 50% longer. Besides, as all protean items, protean traps can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other protean items.  
But please note that you will not obtain any drops from the creatures caught, but you can get strange rocks when using protean traps. 

In a word, Runescape Protean Trap can help you catch creatures a lot and you can also obtain experience. What's more, you can buy cheap RS3 gold with fast delivery from us anytime.

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