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Details of the Ambassador RS with Various Drops & Achievements

Time: 10/10/19

The Ambassador is the last boss of the third elite dungeon The Shadow Reef that can corrupt others with a type of black stone. Upon defeating him, you will be able to get some drops as well as achievements. 

3 kinds of drops from The Ambassador Runescape

As a final boss of Runescape The Shadow Reef dungeon, the Ambassador can show three kinds of drops after being defeated, which means that you will have a chance to get various items and rewards randomly from the following drops:
1. Main drops
- Reinforced dragon bones
- Umbral urn
- Black stone heart
- Black stone arrow tips
- Eldritch crossbow limb
- Eldritch crossbow mechanism
- Eldritch crossbow stock
2. Secondary drops
There are totally twelve secondary drops, such as Black dragonhide, Ghostly essence, Crystal key, Crystal triskelion, Huge blunt rune salvage and Battlestaff etc. 
3. Tertiary drops
- Elite chest
- Ultra elite chest

Various Achievements after defeating The Ambassador

Like the drops from the Ambassador, the achievements are also very abundant. But these achievements can be obtained when you meet some requirements, like:
1. 50 Clencheds are available if you defeat the Ambassador without destroying any sinister fragments.
2. 20 Happy Trails are available if you defeat the Ambassador without anyone suffering from any damage from his purple corruption.
3. 30 Instability Never Phased Me can be available if you defeat the Ambassador after surviving explosions from 4 unstable black holes.
4. 30 Crawfish Boils if disintegrating 12 crassian ritual keepers at the same time during the Ambassador encounter. 
In addition, there is also Ambassador No Maw achievement and Ambassador No Maw Solo Kills achievement available as long as you meet the corresponding needs.

Please keep an eye on the detail information to help you learn more about the Ambassador. By the way, you can come to us for cheap RS3 gold with instant delivery.

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