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Earn OSRS Crystal Enhancement Seeds at Gauntlet in Song of Elves

Time: 05/15/19

In the upcoming Song of Elves, you’ll be able to gain new Crystal Enhancement Seeds OSRS at Gauntlet, which can be used to create enhanced Crystal bow, Crystal shield and Crystal halberd. Check the text and learn more information.

Introduction to Crystal Enhancement Seeds

In the soon to be OSRS Song of Elves, the seeds will be added as a reward of the Gauntlet. And since it will be tradable, you can also get them from the GE. When obtained, it can be combined with the crystal shards and crystal seeds to create enhanced versions of the Crystal bow, Crystal shield and Crystal halberd. 

Requirements & effects of weapons enhanced by Crystal enhancement seeds

The enhanced weapons created by the combination of crystal shards and crystal seeds and the Crystal enhancement seeds will work the same as unenhanced ones do, however, without degradation on their stats. And this will replace the Nightmare Zone imbues for crystal equipment. Once fully degraded into the broken version, it can be recharged into enhanced version again with crystal shards.
To create enhanced weapons with the new seeds and enjoy their benefits, make sure you have reached lvl 78 in Smithing and lvl 78 in Crafting. But if you have not yet reached the required level, fret not. You can still pay an elf in Prifddinas to create the equipment for you with an extra 20 crystal shards for each piece of equipment.

Now all Combating fans in RS 07, get your skills ready to win OSRS Crystal Enhancement Seeds from the Gauntlet in Song of Elves for creation of enhanced Crystal bow, Crystal shield and Crystal halberd. Also feel free to enjoy the cheap OSRS gold from us with the discounts and coupons we offer.

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