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Home / RS3Gold news / Easier Fish for OSRS Karambwan with Karambwanji Changes & More

Easier Fish for OSRS Karambwan with Karambwanji Changes & More

Time: 08/11/17

Have you ever felt it’s tedious to fish for OSRS Karambwan? From now on, you will never have this kind of feeling for the latest changes to Karambwanji. What’s more, the new milestone fireworks and notifications for those who have leveled to 99 or maxing are very fantastic. And Castle Wars Bracelet can be worn on F2P players.  

It’s easier to catch OSRS Karambwan after the changes to Karambwanji.
From now on, you can see there is a stock of 50 Karambwanji at a cost of 10gp each in Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall, which is only accessed after completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. And Raw Karambwanji has been stackable in your inventory, which makes fishing much more accessible. 
What’s more, it’s not allowed to cook raw Karambwanji except as the requirement of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. That means any of current cooked Karambwanji will be exchanged for Raw Karambwanji once logging in. 
For balancing reasons, you can only get 50XP from fishing OSRA Karambwans instead of 105XP.  

It’s very fantastic to see the new level 99 and max fireworks.
To celebrate the achievements, Jagex has created the new fireworks and notifications for those who level to 99 or maxing. 
There will be a bright and colorful animation for reaching level 99, while there appears a longer-lasting red and gold animation for maxing your character. 

OSRS Milestone Fireworks
In addition, every 25 total levels gained, you will receive a notification in your chatbox and there will be an extra message when reaching the maximum total levels. 

It’s good to see other updates including Castle Wars Bracelet change.
There are also some small changes, such as Castle Wars Bracelet being available on F2P worlds, adding World 400 to prepare the PvP Championship, or removing purple sweets from the tournament world chests etc.

Level up your fishing level with the improvements to Karambwanji to see the new milestone fireworks with cheap 2007 RS gold from RS3gold.

The RS3gold Team

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