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Home / RS3Gold news / Elite Dungeons & Solak RuneScape Released in Summer Updates

Elite Dungeons & Solak RuneScape Released in Summer Updates

Time: 04/14/18

Some new contents over the summer are revealed in the latest official news post, including one of the strongest boss – Solak RuneScape released in May, new Elite Dungeons in the Temple of Aminishi and Master Skillcape Perks. Check all the details below with cheap RS3 gold here.

Solak RuneScape strong boss coming in May

According to the official news, boss Solak RuneScape is coming very soon in May. Solak offers both duo and seven-player modes, meaning that a team of seven players are recommended with a planned option to fight Solak in a team of two. These two will cause different mechanics to take effect.
Solak will provide one of the toughest challenges that you have ever faced in RuneScape. Read our Solak RuneScape preview if you want to know more about it.

RuneScape Elite Dungeons released in June

There will be something new in the form of RuneScape Elite Dungeons this summer, which starts with the Temple of Aminishi.
You can go to the Elite Dungeons with friends, forming groups of up to three players. You can also experience the dungeons as a solo player, but beware as this will be incredibly difficult on your own. If you are only interested in the plentiful story and lore, then you can enter it in story mode, where the difficulty is lowered. As rewards, there will also be Dungeoneering XP, tokens and new loot for your efforts.

Master skillcape perks & skillcape perks improved

What now is highlighted and prioritized include Master Skillcape Perks RuneScape and the improvement of the existing skillcape perks. There will be a poll soon on whether you only want perks on current 120 skills, and you will get involved in the nature of any perks.

Now we could look forward to the upcoming Solak RuneScape with two modes. If you want to buy some RuneScape gold, don’t forget to use 7% off code “HDR7” and 9% off code “HDR9” (for $100+) from April 17.

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