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Enjoy 70% More Experience in RS Shining Prismania TH Promotion

Time: 01/31/19

As the new Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Shining Prismania returns on Jan 31 with shining prismatic lamps and stars. During this period, you have the chance to obtain free shining prismatic medium fallen star and lamp, and enjoy 70% more XP for any skills.

When can you join in the Shining Prismania?

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RuneScape Shining Prismania is active for limited time. It runs from 00:00 on Thursday January 31 through to 23:59 on Monday February 4, 2019.

70%+ XP given by prismatic lamps & stars

During the Shining Prismania RuneScape Treasure Hunter promotion, all lamps and stars on Treasure Hunter are prismatic, and shining prismatic lamps and stars are introduced, replacing the regular prismatic lamps and fallen stars.
These lamps and stars give bonus experience. Until Feb 4th, all lamps and stars yielded 70% more experience regardless of the skill. There is also a further chance to double the already boosted reward. In addition, you can receive a RuneScape shining prismatic medium fallen star and a shining medium prismatic lamp when you open RuneScape Treasure Hunter for the first time during this Shining Prismania TH promotion.

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