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Enjoy RS Loot Duels 2019 TH Promo for Various Kinds of Chests

Time: 03/07/19

As the new Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Loot Duels returns on Mar 7th with two special chests which replace five usual chests. During this period, you have the chance to obtain various kinds of chests for rewards, even the double dragon god chest with 10x the normal prizes.

When can you join in RS Loot Duels in TH?

The latest Treasure Hunter promo, RuneScape Loot Duels is active for limited time. It runs from 00:00 on Thursday March 7 through to 23:59 on Monday March 11, 2019.

Gain various chests with prizes in Loot Duels

When Loot Duels RuneScape begins, two chests replace the 5 usual chests in Treasure Hunter, containing various rewards from previous TH promos. You can choose from these two chests, and both chests will be replaced by two new ones after one is opened.
Here are all the chests you may gain from RuneScape Loot Duels 2019:
Treasure hunter chest: containing a random TH item
Experience chest: containing stars and lamps
Protean chest: containing protean items
Skilling chest: containing skilling items
Antique chest: containing old TH items
Adamant chest: offering 2x the normal prizes of a chest
Rune chest: offering 3x the normal prizes
Dragon chest: offering 4x the normal prizes
God chest: offering 5x the normal prizes
Double dragon adamant chest: offering 4x the normal prizes
Double dragon rune chest: offering 6x the normal prizes
Double dragon dragon chest: offering 8x the normal prizes
Double dragon god chest: offering 10x the normal prizes
Rainbow chest: offering 2x-7x the normal prizes
Genie’s chest: containing a random magical lamp (Hydra, Prismatic, Dark, Light, Smouldering or Celebration)
Smouldering chest: containing a random sized Smouldering lamp (with a chance of double prizes)

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