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Enjoy RS LootScape Rewards from Live Streams This November

Time: 11/06/19

The new RS LootScape drops of this November have been revealed. Watch RS live streams this month, and you will be able to receive a series of rewards randomly.  

What RS LootScape rewards can you enjoy this November?

A new month of LootScape rewards has been already obtainable. You can be able to receive some random guaranteed drops and other drops if you are lucky enough. Here is a list of these rewards shared with you:
- Chance based rewards: a random skilling outfit piece as well as Nature's Balance or Loots Cape may be obtained if you don't have.
- Guaranteed rewards: 1-2 hunter marks; 250 resources in a random Base Camp resource; view counter goes up on Orb. Apart from them, you can also randomly get Prismatic small/medium fallen star, Prismatic small/medium lamp, Advanced Pulse Core, Spring, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Silverhawk down, Medium/Small DG Token Box, Uncut Dragonstone, Large Cash Bag, Medium Cash Bag or Small Cash Bag.

Get LootScape rewards from upcoming TheRSDuo featured stream 

Following the first live stream, the second one is coming at 12:00 UTC in game time on Saturday Nov. 9th. This featured streamer is TheRSDuo. You can join in to explore new content for the first time and challenges in Gielinor. What's more, it's also an awesome opportunity to get in-game prizes by watching TheRSDuo's stream, and the LootScape rewards will be obtained next day. 

Get ready to watch the upcoming live stream for various LootScape rewards. By the way, you can place your order at our site anytime. We will deliver you cheap RS3 gold as soon as possible.

The RS3gold Team  

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