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Enjoy RS Upgraded Armour Spikes, Spiked Armour & More

Time: 06/11/19

This week the RS team have brought some Smithing QoL updates, such as the upgraded Armour Spikes, stone spirits improvements as well as the spiked armour. 

What new effects do the Upgraded Amour Spikes have?

With 1000 original spikes and a bar of concentrated alloy, you can craft the RuneScape upgraded armor spikes, which grant a 10% chance to deal 10x the damage of the regular armor spikes. And double damage will be dealt with a shield wielded alongside your armour spikes. 
In addition, to activate the armour spikes’ effect, you must meet some conditions, including:
Carrying them in the inventory or equipping them in the ammo slot;
Only equipping Melee weapons;
Wearing Melee torso & leg armour;
Attacked by an enemy (both successful and blocked hits suffice);
Directly next to the enemy with no game squares in between. 

Spiked Armour - looking like a total badass

After talking with Elof in artisans’ workshop, you are allowed to attach awesome-looking spikes to armour with 1 glorious bar per item. And then you will look like a total badass although it is just cosmetic. At the same time, there is a new tongue-twister to practice for you when standing around the bank. 

More Smithing Updates 

On the Telos drop table, small Blade Rune Salvage has replaced Rune stone spirits, while Rune stone spirits have replaced Adamantite stone spirits. On the other hand, all God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses have reduced the drop rate of Necrite and Phasmatite stone spirit.
Moreover, to make Smithing more AFK-able, you can own several unfinished items at once, and you can directly begin to work on another once finishing an item. 

Sounds fantastic? Have you got the upgraded armor spikes? Let’s buy RS3 gold from us and join in game now. 

The RS3gold Team 

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