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Enjoy RS Valentine’s Loot Package for Twitch Prime Members

Time: 02/15/19

To celebrate the romantic Valentine’s time, a selection of goodies is available for Twitch Prime members in a Valentines themed loot package. The special benefits include free RS membership, exclusive Amare outfit, Chinchompa Plushie and more.

RS Twitch Prime loot package for Valentine’s

Although there is no special RuneScape Valentine’s event 2019, Jagex offer some nice goodies to celebrate the season of love. Besides some RuneScape Valentines cards, you could enjoy a Valentines themed Twitch Prime loot package for some awesome rewards. In the package there are free membership and in-game gifts which worth a combined $50, available for both veterans and new lovers of RS3 and OSRS.
If you have interests, now you can head to the official website and sign up to RuneScape Twitch Prime. This loot package is available until March 19, 2019.
RuneScape Valentine

Benefits for RuneScape Valentine Twitch Prime

14 days RS3 and Old School RS membership
Exclusive Amare Outfit
Exclusive Chinchompa Plushie
2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prizes)
15 Treasure Hunter Keys
40 Hearts of Ice
200 RuneCoins

Old School RuneScape:
14 days RuneScape and Old School membership

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