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Enjoy Up to 9% Off for RS3 Gold & All for Pre-Summer Great Promo

Time: 05/17/19

Can you smell the summer heat coming along with a gold taste. From May 23, we will hold a Pre-summer Great Promotion for all of you on rs3gold.com. You can then enjoy up to 9% discounts for cheap RS3 gold, OSRS gold or any other RS products from us!

When to enjoy up to 9% discounts for RS 3 gold & all?

Our Pre-summer Great Promo runs from May 23 to May 30, 2019. During this period, everyone could use 7%-9% discount codes to buy RS3 gold, RS07 gold or others on our site.

How to buy RS products with 7%-9% off?

When the promotion arrives, there will be three valid discount codes available for all user on rs3gold.com. You can apply them before you make a payment.
7% off code “GPM7”: this code can be applied in all RS orders.
8% off code “GPM8”: this code can be applied in orders over $50 ($50 included).
9% off code “GPM9”: this code can be applied in orders over $110 ($110 included).

Please note

1.These discount codes are available only during this promotion.
2. Only the order which costs over the certain sum can use the corresponding discount codes to save.
3. All these discount codes have no limitation in use times. You can use them more than once.
4. RS3gold.com reserves the right for interpretation of this activity.

Are you ready for our Pre-summer Great Promotion? Mark the date and come to RS3gold.com to buy RS gold cheap and more!

The RS3gold Team

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