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Home / RS3Gold news / Enjoy Updates to RuneScape Gold Accumulator & LotD etc.

Enjoy Updates to RuneScape Gold Accumulator & LotD etc.

Time: 11/14/17

Apart from the updated item tooltips, you can enjoy a variety of small updates this week, like  gold accumulator, RuneScape LotD, gloves of passage and so on. Let’s have a look at them and cheap RS 3 gold. 

Increased RuneScape gold accumulator 
There has been a permanent gold accumulator added to the Daemonheim rewards shop. And when you want to get the RuneScape gold accumulator, you just need 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens at first. However the cost of it will increase by 20,000 tokens for each purchase, up to 60,000 tokens per purchase. You also have a chance to get it from the dungeoneering chest in The Faraway Place where Things are Kept.
The accumulator will help you to collect all coins dropped by monsters and add them to your money pouch. 

Update to luck rings like RuneScape LotD
This week Jagex also update the RuneScape LotD with other luck rings to show the players   what item they received (including items from the rare drop table) for wearing the ring. However, a bug similar to the ring of wealth glitch appeared, arousing players to obtain a much larger number of rare drops than intended. Luckily, it is hotfixed soon after discovery.
As a matter of fact, as enchanted alchemical onyx ring, wearing luck of the dwarves can slightly increase the chance to gain certain unique drops and rewards, which are affected by the luck mechanic. Meanwhile, it can also offer unlimited teleports to the Grand Exchange, Miscellania, and Keldagrim.

Additionally, the drop rate of gloves of passage RuneScape has been increased from 1/2000 to 1/500. And the updated item tooltips can show you more detailed stats, like remaining charge, volume of contents, and time remaining. Please join in the game right now with cheap RS 3 gold here.

The RS3gold Team 

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