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Expect RS Mobile Open Android Beta with Latest Progress Revealed

Time: 06/13/19

The RS team has revealed more information about long-awaited RuneScape Mobile. And they are trying to unify the UI system between Mobile and Desktop in order to make the most of the influx of new players by the mobile. Moreover, in the near future, the cap of the Android members beta will be unlocked. 

What will the UI be like on Mobile & Desktop?

To reach both of the aims, doing well for current players & reaching most new players via the mobile platform, the team has decided to make some wider changes to the UI and unify the UI style between the two platforms, which won’t be the same exactly. But to make it easier to transition between the two and develop content for the game, they will try their best to make the UI on both platforms as close as possible. 
Besides, they have re-written the buff and debuff bar system since the current one is not really optimal for mobile. And 3 extra action bars will be given to use across both platforms. 

Experience Mobile Android Members beta soon

It’s been revealed that in the new future, the team will uncap the Android Members beta. That means you can soon play on mobile if you are a member and own an Android device. But for the iOS users, it’s still unclear when there will be an iOS version beta, while the team are working on some stability issues. 

Anyway, it is a step closer to the full release of RS Mobile, right? Although it seems we would wait for a little long. Right now all of you can buy RS3 gold from us on mobile. 

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