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Home / RS3Gold news / Extend Double XP Weekend by 2 Weeks for Invention Batch 2 RuneScape

Extend Double XP Weekend by 2 Weeks for Invention Batch 2 RuneScape

Time: 09/09/17

It’s confirmed that the Upcoming Double XP Weekend RuneScape will be extended by two weeks, for Invention Batch 2 is planned to be released on September 18, just after Double XP Weekend ends. Continue to learn more and buy RS 3 gold.

Double XP Weekend RuneScape in September 2017 extended
We have confirmed that the Invention batch 2 RuneSape will be released on September 18, which is also the date the Double XP Weekend RuneScape ends on. In order to make the players enjoy all the new content freely and receive a great deal of Invention XP on its release date, Jagex has decided to extend the duration of Double XP Weekend by two weeks. That means you can continue to enjoy the double XP bonus with two more weeks from September 18. 

Long-awaited Invention batch 2 features
Invention batch 2 RuneScape will bring us a totally new concept: machines RuneScape, which allow you to change your items into something you want, such as transforming logs into planks, high alching your items or tanning your stockpile of hides into craftable leather. what’s more, these things allow AFK, even progress offline, like farming: the machines will keep on working even if you have not logged into your account. What you need to do all is keep them topped up with divine charge. 
In addition, they also have made some changes to Invention batch 2 based on players’ suggestions.
Jagex has removed inspiration and made Augmentors tradeable. Meanwhile, the augmented items now have benefits beyond level 12.

Take full advantage of this Double XP Weekend RuneScape in September 2017, which is longer than expected. And don’t forge you can expect Invention blueprints of Invention batch 2 RuneScape in a week and buy RS 3 gold from RS3gold.

The RS3gold Team

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