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Fight RS Devils Snare, Other Vile Blooms for Arbuck Seed & More

Time: 07/09/19

Devil's snare, Luminous snaggler, Lampenflora & Liverwort RuneScape- these 4 Vile Blooms have been added in game. Let’s learn how to fight these plant-based Slayer monsters found on the island of Anachronia and gain rare drops from them like Totem of Intimidation base, Arbuck seed and Blast diffusion boots. Please remember they all can be assigned by Laniakea.

Devil's snare with level 90 Slayer required

You can find Devil's snare in the south-east of Anachronia, requiring level 90 Slayer to kill. And they use highly damaging melee attacks. Please be careful that you will be snared and dealt rapid amounts of damage like Telos, the Warden's tendril attack if you spend too long killing one of them. To break free, you need deal enough damage to the plant. Alternatively, you can plant the Devil's snare seed in the fertile soil patch north of the Overgrown idol to spawn a Devil's snare which can be fought. And by doing this, you may have a chance to receive a Dinosaur tooth and the Totem of Intimidation base.

Luminous snaggler with level 95 Slayer required 

Found on the western of the island, the Luminous snagglers use highly damaging magic attacks. During the battle, 3 green spores will be released in the air periodically, having a 3x3 AoE. Once got caught, you have to deal about 1,200 poison damage. And killing them will give you a rare chance to get the Arbuck seed.  

Lampenflora with level 102 Slayer required 

You can find the Lampenflora on the south-eastern part of the island, each of whose successful attacks will hit 6 times for between 1 and 600 magic damage each. With too long taken to kill one, the Lampenflora summoning 8 untargetable Lampenflora will be caused, which begin healing it for 100 each tick. And one of the rare drops from them is the Totem of Summoning middle. 

Liverwort with level 110 Slayer required

As the strongest Vile Bloom, Liverworts require level 110 Slayer to kill and use Ranged attacks against you. If you spend too long killing it, you will be dragged near it and stunned & bound for 4 seconds. Meanwhile, it will release 3 spored, within which you will have to deal 1,368 poison damage. Besides the Arbuck seed, you also may get the rare drop - Blast diffusion boots.

All in all, we just hope these gathered information will be a little helpful for your fights. And there is RS gold for sale on our site all the time. 

The RS3gold Team 

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