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Home / RS3Gold news / Follow Dimension of the Damned RuneScape Finale Rules for Rich Prizes

Follow Dimension of the Damned RuneScape Finale Rules for Rich Prizes

Time: 10/12/17

In a few days, the new game mode - Dimension of the Damned RuneScape is upcoming and it’s highly recommended that you should study its Finale rules for the chance to be the final survivor and win the rich prizes. Let’s begin now and buy RS 3 gold.

Who can enter the Dimension of the Damned RuneScape Finale?
Only the top 1000 player accounts from the hiscores will get an inbox message and an email to confirm the entry to the Finale of Dimension of the Damned RuneScape. That means only those who receive these messages can join in the Finale.

What should you follow during the Dimension of the Damned Finale RuneScape?
1.For the Dimension of the Damned Finale begins at 18:00 game time on October 28 and the invited players can log in the servers from 17:30, at first you should join in the competition on time. Otherwise you will lose the chance.
2.Never log out during the competition or you will be regarded as dead and cannot rejoin.
3.Start the Finale without the gear you have obtained in the previous stage, while the tool belt items will be upgraded to mithril level.
4.Never fall into the bottom 70 scores who will be culled, so you must increase your score by killing zombies constantly. 
5.Don’t stand too long in the Miasma which can kill you, and the air will also force every player into a pre-determined area during the competition. 

What prizes will the winner obtain?
There are various rich prizes rewarded to the final winner, which include:
named on a statue in the normal world of RuneSape for 2 weeks; 
Dimension of the Damned-style pet; (These will be rewarded to the top 10 players too.)
an all expenses paid trip to visit Jagex; 
Gold Premier Club membership (for 2018); (The previous rewards will be obtained by the top 5 players.)
200M GP; 
lifetime membership (first year of Gold Premier package);
King/Queen of the Damned title;
real-life Zombie Award. 

In addition, the top 1000 players will win an exclusive tile - the Damned. Do you have interest in these prizes? Please buy RS 3 gold and make full preparations before October 16.

The RS3gold Team 

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