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Four Winners in OSRS Song of the Elves Gauntlet Competition

Time: 08/10/19

The list of winners of OSRS Song of the Elves Gauntlet competition has come out. They have achieved the fastest Pre-change Standard and Corrupted Gauntlet times. Congratulations to them.

Who can obtain the prizes of Gauntlet Competition?

As you have ever left feedback and ideas to OSRS team online, some necessary changes have been made without challenging the integrity of the Gauntlet competition, including grant prizes to reward the performance of top four players. 
Here, we decide to present the award rules again for you. The principles about how to identify the winners have been changed as following: the No.1 prize is for the fastest normal Gauntlet PRE-change and the No.2 prize is for the fastest Corrupted Gauntlet PRE-change; the third member of winners will be granted the prize for the fastest normal Gauntlet POST-change and the last winner will obtain the reward for the fastest Corrupted Gauntlet POST-change. 

Top four winners of OSRS Gauntlet Competition

It has been for about two weeks after Gauntlet competition launch. During this period, you were required to complete the Song of the Elves Gauntlet in the fastest times and the competition was expanded to contain the corrupted Gauntlet as well as pre and post balancing changes. Four winners will be able to receive a custom Old School GT Omega Pro gaming chair:
1. Standard Gauntlet ( pre-change): Playgrounds - 3:45   
2. Corrupted Gauntlet ( pre-change): Vuleka - 5:35   
3. Standard Gauntlet ( post-change): Kelvino - 3:12   
4. Corrupted Gauntlet ( post-change): Woox - 4:45 
The results of Gauntlet competition are 100% fair as professional OSRS team serves all of you. And each of four winners can expect an inbox message in the coming days detailing arrangements for your prizes.

You can continue to expect more competitions to win prizes for you. We will offer cheapest OSRS gold and other products constantly.

The RS3gold Team 

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