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From Upcoming RS Farming 120 & Herblore 120, What Will You Enjoy?

Time: 11/11/19

This month RS Farming and Herblore skills will be increased to 120 as The Ranch Out of Time will be released. You will be able to enjoy various new contents from the two skills with the maximum level 120.  

RS Farming 120 skill with new contents upcoming this November 

RS Farming skill is going to be increased to 120 this month. When Farming 120 is launched, you will be able to enjoy the following new contents:
1. You will see 11 new kinds of produce to farm, such as new fruit trees, mushrooms, bushes and cacti.
2. There will be a third cactus patch in Anachronia.
3. An emote and a skill cape perks will be added to Farming master cape.
4. Manor Farm is going to be the official Farming Guild. And you can able to help several novice farmers through completing their requests for produce to gain reputation. 
5. You can be able to get experience, unique rewards and currencies and items from three NPCs in Manor Farm.
6. There is also a further spirit tree patch in Manor Farm. And you can grow a money tree with level 119 Farming. 
7. You will be able to manage your farming patch remotely by gaining a remote farming machine if the Remote Farm is unlocked.

RS Herblore 120 skill with new potions coming this month

Beyond of Farming skill, Herblore will also be increased to 120 with The Ranch Out of Time releasing. You can use new materials to craft new potions with Herblore 120. The new potions are:
1. Prayer and Summoning combination potions 
2. Charming potions that help you gain charms at twice the normal base rate.
3. Elder overloads will increase combat stats by 17% + 5 levels. 
4. Weapon poison +++ 
5. Potion of harvest and primal feast will turn any harvested allotment produce into superior items. 
6. Blessed flask will be chargeable with extreme prayer potions by taking 8 steps similar to smithing Masterwork equipment. 
7. Powerburst potions can double the player's health pool, adrenaline boosts and unlimited surge charges for a few seconds. 
8. AoE bombs will be added and throwing potions can bring effects such as freezing, poison and vulnerability. They will have a range of 9.

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