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Home / RS3Gold news / Gain RS Phoenix Lamps & More in New Treasure Hunter Promo

Gain RS Phoenix Lamps & More in New Treasure Hunter Promo

Time: 03/06/19

It has been revealed there will be a brand new Treasure Hunter promotion this month, offering the new RS Phoenix Lamps and cosmetics. Phoenix Lamps have a chance of being “a phoenix”, different from other lamps in Treasure Hunter.

New TH promotion – RS Phoenix Lamps

A new Treasure Hunter promotion will be added to TH in March 2019. When this TH promotion is active, you will have a chance to gain a new type of lamp, Phoenix Lamps RuneScape, and some brand new cosmetics.
As the name might suggest, the new Phoenix Lamps RuneScape can be saved upon use, which means the lamps may be used more than one time. Same as smouldering lamps, the new Phoenix Lamps RuneScape will offer experience and bonus experience for the chosen skill, up to the same amount of bonus XP is converted into normal XP as well. In addition, there will be some new rewards in Treasure Hunter, including a new winged backpack, a winged chest pet and a fetching glowing aura.
Phoenix Lamps RuneScape

How to acquire more Treasure Hunter keys?

You may need more RuneScape Treasure Hunter keys for new RuneScape Phoenix Lamps, and here are some ways you can get the keys:
1. Free players can obtain on Treasure Hunter key, and members obtain two a day. You can get three daily keys if you have bought a silver or gold Premier Club.
2. In-game monsters may drop a Key token. You can still get more keys from monsters when you already have 10 or more earned keys.
3. Two additional earned keys are given to you for completing quests.
4. Keys can be purchased in groups of 15, 35, 75, 200, or 450 (up to 20,000 keys in a day). Treasure Hunter keys you bought will expire 12 months later.

Do you have interests on the new RuneScape Phoenix Lamps? Anyway, come to RS3gold.com to buy RuneScape 3 gold at any time with 10-minute delivery.

The RS3gold Team

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