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Get RS Codex Ability Page in New Agility Course & Build Totems in July

Time: 06/18/19

This July, you will be able to enjoy a new island wide Agility course on the Land Out of Time, which grants you codex ability pages RuneScape (used to make codeces). Besides, you can collect fragments to build totems and enjoy the base camp, new overgrown idol, mining sites as well on the island. Never forget to buy RS3 gold here.

New Agility Course & Codex Ability Page

The new Agility course added on the Land Out of Time will go all way around the island and allow you to get one point to another in a fastest way. You can access/leave the course at most points and go around it in both directions. On the other hand, you will gain loot by using the Agility course, like the codex ability pages, which can be used to create codeces for upgraded Surge and Escape of variants. And with more pages, you can make tradeable versions too. 

Gather Fragments for Totems 

When doing any of the activities on the island, you can win fragments to build totems, which will have time saving benefits. For example, one of them can reduce aura cooldowns by 15%. And there will be 8 totems for you to build while up to 3 can be active once. Please note to keep them active, you need spend some upkeep. 


More updates on the Land Out of Time

You can interact a base camp, in a similar method to player-owned port, while benefits will be unlocked by doing this. Moreover, the new overgrown idol, mining sites, some traditional Hunter spots, and Fishing spots are also waiting for you to enjoy. 

There are so much exciting content coming very soon. Why not prepare enough RuneScape gold from us and wait patiently now?

The RS3gold Team 

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