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Get RS Elite Woodcutting Outfit from Portable Vic Till Jun. 2

Time: 05/21/19

Have you got your desired items from RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader? If not, good news for for you, the Portable Trader’s staying will be extended till June 2nd, with the addition of RS3 Elite Woodcutting outfit as a available items in his store.

Meet Portable Vic the Trader till Jun. 2 

Since its introduction on 23 April 2019, the RuneScape Portable Trader has adjusted his product list several times. On 29 April 2019, Wildcards, Dungeoneering tokens and the Shark, Ethereal and Gorajan outfit pieces became purchasable for F2P. This month, as the respond to the call of the community, the Elite Woodcutting Outfit will be added in the list, too. Since the outfit will not be in the game until May 27, to ensure that you all have the opportunity to get this Elite outfit before the Trader goes off sale, his staying in game will be extended to Jun. 2nd, instead of the original date, May 26th. Get your credits ready and get the outfit on May 27.

How to summon Portable Vic to get Elite Woodcutting outfit?

The soon-to-be RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit available in game will have effects to help improve you Woodcutting skill. You might summon the Portable Vic following the instruction below to obtain the upcoming outfit on May 27.
1.Withdraw one RuneScape Bond into your inventory;
2. Locate the Portable Trader through the Bond interface;
3. Activate Trader Summoning Stone (obtained by redeeming a bond at a 1:1 ratio) in inventory by clicking;
4. Get credits with bonus XP, then exchange credits for the items in Vic’s Store.

If you are wondering how the RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit works, just come and check in RS3 Portable Trader’s store on May 27. Meanwhile, you can come to us to buy RS3 gold cheap with generous discounts.

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