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Home / RS3Gold news / Guide for RuneScape Crocodile Tears Quest with Tips & Rewards

Guide for RuneScape Crocodile Tears Quest with Tips & Rewards

Time: 08/10/18

The Crocodile Tears is a RuneScape quest for Master, in which you need to deal directly with the Menaphite goddess, Crondis. You will gain Fishing, Hunter, Woodcutting and Agility experience, 150% Menaphos reputation gain and more when completing RuneScape Crocodile Tears quest.

Requirements of RuneScape Crocodile Tears

For RuneScape Crocodile Tears Master quest, you need 73 Hunter, 72 Fishing, 47 Woodcutting and 30 Agility.
Start point: speak to Leela and Senliten in Senliten’s tomb.

Some tips for completing Crocodile Tears quest

1. You need to have a cat or kitten in your pack or following you, as the Sphinx who roams to the north of Klenter’s Pyramid and will only speak to you if you have the cat.
2. To find three oases, the dowsing rod will first point you towards the oasis just north-west of the temple, upon reaching which you make the remark that this doesn’t look like a place where Crondis can be found. The second oasis is located on the Camel Warriors island, and the third is in the Bedabin camp.
3. When you head back to the pyramid and talk to Tamsah or Crondis to hand over your offerings, you will be demanded some items including:
Fresh beltfish – It can be caught in Menaphos’ Port district.
Toothpicks in the form of two acadia logs – These can be cut in Menaphos’ Imperial district.
Agility Pyramid tops – Head over to the Agility Pyramid and complete four laps.
Eight plover birds – They are found in Sophanem.
16 croc ices – These are sold by Rokuh in Nardah.

Rewards from RuneScape Crocodile Tears

A relic of Crondis, giving 5,500 reputation with a faction in Menaphos of your choice by turning it in to a faction leader.
35,000 Fishing experience
35,000 Hunter experience
15,000 Agility experience
15,000 Woodcutting experience
Immunity from desert heat
Menaphos reputation gain increased to 150%
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Hope you could easily completing RuneScape Crocodile Tears quest after reading this guide. In addition, you could buy RuneScape gold here anytime when you want some.

The RS3gold Team

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