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Home / RS3Gold news / Guide: Gain Smouldering Stone OSRS to Create Infernal Tools

Guide: Gain Smouldering Stone OSRS to Create Infernal Tools

Time: 09/14/18

Smouldering stone is necessary to make some infernal tools which have special uses. If you feel unclear about what it is, read the smouldering stone OSRS guide below to learn how to get the stone and what you can do with it.

How to obtain the smouldering stone OSRS?

Smouldering stone has rare chance to be dropped by Cerberus which is located in Cerberus’ Lair. Notice that Cerberus requires both a Slayer level of 91 to kill and a Slayer task of Cerberus herself/hellhounds. She may attack with magic, ranged and melee attacks, each with a max hit of 23.
If you feel too difficult to defeat Cerberus, you can also choose Hellhound for smouldering stone OSRS, but the chance of dropping is much rarer.

What can smouldering stone OSRS be used for?

A smouldering stone allows you to upgrade the following tools:
Smouldering stone + dragon pickaxe → infernal pickaxe (85 Smithing required)
Smouldering stone + dragon axe → infernal axe (85 Firemaking required)
Smouldering stone + dragon harpoon → infernal harpoon (85 Cooking required)

And each of these OSRS infernal tools has a special use:
Infernal pickaxe: allows you to Mine 5% faster, along with a 1/3 chance for the ore to be smelted as it is mined.
Infernal axe: allows you to Woodcut 5% faster, along with a 1/3 chance for the log to be burnt as it is chopped.
Infernal harpoon: allows you to Fish 5% faster, along with a 1/3 chance for the fish to be cooked as it is fished.

Hope now you feel much clearer about the usage of smouldering stone OSRS. In addition, RS3gold.com can be your top choice to buy RS gold cheap with high security.

The RS3gold Team

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