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Guide: How to Get and Use RS Rune Item Token with M & S Rework?

Time: 01/08/19

There are various new contents added with RS Mining and Smithing rework. Besides higher tiers of metal, new elder rune pickaxe and more, you can also get RS rune item token with this update and spend some in the Artisans Workshop.

How can you collect RS rune item token?

Rune item tokens have been added with the release of Mining and Smithing rework; however, currently there is only one way to obtain RuneScape rune item token. Upon logging in after the rework, you can convert some smithable rune items into rune item tokens from the one-time conversion.
The amount of RuneScape rune item token that you receive varies between 5 and 100 according to the item. Rune halberd can be converted for the most rune item tokens, followed by rune platebody, rune platelegs or plateskirt and rune 2h sword.

How to use RuneScape rune item token?

After getting rune item tokens, you can spend them via Elof in RuneScape Artisan Workshop, located in the south-east corner of Falador. These tokens can be used on upgraded rune items or rune salvage, and the token cost varies between 10 and 50.

What else can you do in Artisans Workshop?

You can also make burial equipment in RuneScape Artisan Workshop, which works like upgrading equipment but requires no additional bars. The highest +X items of adamant equipment and above can be made into burial equipment; for example, RuneScape elder rune +5 can be made into elder rune burial equipment.

Hope our guide help you know more about how to get and use RuneScape rune item token. In addition, you can easily buy RS 3 gold safely and fast from reliable RS3gold.com.

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