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Guide: Romeo and Juliet OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough

Time: 02/09/19

As one of the first quests released in Old School RS, Romeo & Juliet may be players' first quest when they begin the game. This quest is not difficult to complete, and here is an easy and quick guide for this Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest.

Basics of Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest

OSRS Romeo and Juliet quest is a Novice quest without level requirements. This quest is short and easy to complete, so it is suitable for Old School RuneScape beginners as their first quest.
To start the Romeo and Juliet, find Romeo in or near Varrock Square (sometimes inside the general store south of the square). It is recommended to have several teleports to Varrock, but it's ok without the teleports and you can just walk to every spot.

Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest walkthrough

1. Speak to Remeo to start the quest. Then find a mansion directly west of the Varrock West Bank, reach the top floor and talk to Juliet.
2. Go back to Remeo and deliver Juliet's letter to him. Then go to the church north-east of Varrock Square and speak to Father Lawrence who mentions a cadava potion.
3. Find and speak to the Apothecary in south-western Varrock.
4. To find cadava berries, go to the west of the mine south-east of Varrock and get some on a bush. Then return to the Apothecary, and he will give you the potion you need.
5. Give the potion to Juliet. After seeing her drink the potion, go back to Romeo to tell him what happened.
6. See a cutscene of you entering the crypt with Romeo. Romeo forgets Juliet and falls in love with Juliet's cousin Phillipa. Quest complete!

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