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Guide: What to Train during RS Double XP Weekend 2019?

Time: 02/10/19

February in 2019 is still a month with a Double XP Weekend. Double XP bonuses will be offered from Feb 22nd, and to avoid being anxious when RS Double XP Weekend arrives, you’d better make some preparation before it.

RS Double XP Weekend: Feb 22 – Feb 25

Double XP Weekend RuneScape will start from 12:00 UTC on February 22 to 12:00 UTC on February 25, 2019. You can accelerate your XP gains by 100% for 72 hours during this event.

Prepare for RuneScape Double XP Weekend

You need to consider what to train during the Double XP Weekend. Choosing appropriate skills to train will save you a lot of time, effort and gold, and here are several of them:
Herblore – Herblore training is expensive and time-consuming, but the skill can make you a lot of money. During RuneScape Double XP Weekend, you’ll be able to save your gold and time by choosing to level Herblore.
Construction – Construction is also a good choice as you can utilize your Home’s butler to constantly supply you with leveling materials, making full use of XP bonuses in Double XP Weekend.
Prayer – Prayer is expensive to level up and can be the ideal one to train with double XP. You could gain up to 2.7 times the XP per dragon bones than usual and can save a lot.
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What will you train during RuneScape Double XP Weekend 2019? Anyway, enjoy the XP bonuses and always buy RS3 gold from us!

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