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Home / RS3Gold news / Have Fun with RS Anniversary Cake & Party Pete Balloons Jan 4

Have Fun with RS Anniversary Cake & Party Pete Balloons Jan 4

Time: 01/04/19

If you have logged in game today, you must find the RS Anniversary Cake in your inventory. Besides eating the delicious cake, don’t forget to join in the balloon drop from Party Pete for rewards including RS celebration cake, celebration candles and more.

Eat RS Anniversary Cake for 18 year birthday

RS 18th anniversary arrives on January 4, 2019. To celebrate its birthday, delicious RuneScape Anniversary Cake is automatically placed in the every player’s inventory upon login. The cake can be eaten every 3 minutes for a maximum of 2,200 life points (at level 88 Constitution), and it remains usable for one week.

Enjoy balloon drop from Party Pete RuneScape

Besides RS Anniversary Cake, you can also enjoy colorful balloons from Party Pete RuneScape this year. Every 30 minutes there are purple, yellow, and silver balloons dropped, and before that a world announcement occurred with the message “Party Pete is going to drop balloons near all of the lodestones (except Prifddinas), in two minutes, as part of the 18th Anniversary celebrations.”
You are able to pop up to 50 balloons each day for RuneScape Celebration cake and other rewards. Here is the list of what you can obtain from these balloons:
Bonus XP star (small)
RuneScape Celebration cake
Celebration candles
Meat pizza
Small XP lamp (event)

Have fun with RS Anniversary Cake and rewards in balloons for RuneScape 18th Anniversary! In addition, come here to buy RuneScape 3 gold and enjoy FREE RS Gold at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan 9.

The RS3gold Team

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