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How to Create RS Blessed Flask on the Journey to Herblore 120?

Time: 11/26/19

With Herblore 120 available, you can be able to make RS Blessed Flask during leveling Herblore skill. In addition to level 118 Herblore and 96 Crafting, you have to carry some necessary items as well.    

Items needed for creating RS Blessed Flask

To make RS Blessed Flask successfully, you have to reach Herblore 120 and Crafting 96. In the meanwhile, the following items are also needed, including: 
- a blessed flask shell 
- glorious silvthril chain
- holy elixir and holy water
- 5 light cores
- 5 holy overload potions (6)
- 5 extreme prayer potions (4) 
- 500 positive energy. 

Steps to make RS Blessed Flask while reaching level 120 Herblore   

The process of making Blessed Flask is complex and arduous. Firstly, you should make glorious silvthril chain at any furnace anytime, requiring the chain link mould to be showed in the inventory or toolbelt. Then, you need to make blessed flask shell through following steps:
- Grind a large quantity of sandstone via right click to get extra fine sand.  
- After having 40,000 sand, use the sand on any altar of Saradomin to make blessed sand until all of the sand is blessed. 
- Put the blessed sand into any furnace and make blessed molten glass with it alongside 100 sand, 3 soda ash, 3 red sandstone, and 3 crystal-flecked sandstone per blessed glass. Then turn all the sand into glass to make 400 blessed glass. 
- Make 10 of each of golden blessed molten glass with 20 blessed glass, 5 hydrix bolt tips, 25 gold stone spirits, and 25 luminite stone spirits, and azure blessed molten glass with 20 blessed glass, 5 sapphire bolt tips, 25 mithril stone spirits, and 25 dark animica stone spirits.
- Make the blessed flask shell by combining all the two types of glass with 100 necrite stone spirits, 100 phasmatite stone spirits, 250 alaea sea salt and 5000 harmonic dust via glassblowing. 
Upon completion of the two steps, you can combine glorious silvthril chain and blessed flask shell with a holy elixir, a holy water, 5 holy overload potions (6), 5 extreme prayer potions (4), and 500 positive energy to create the blessed flask. 

Level your Herblore and Crafting skill to make RS Blessed Flask right now. Besides, please buy cheap RS3 gold and other goods from us. We will deliver your gold as soon as your order is confirmed. 

The RS3gold Team   

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