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How to Obtain RS Hazelmere's Signet Ring with Amazing Effects?

Time: 01/30/20

It's pretty difficult to get RS Hazelmere's signet ring. Have you ever received it? How many? Today we provide some tips and methods to help you gain it easily. After obtaining and wearing it, you will receive amazing effects. 

Tips to get RS Hazelmere's signet ring 

Hazelmere's signet ring is a rare drop that is classified as a tier 4 luck enhancer, which can bring some buffs while wearing it. It's difficult to get it owing to its rare drop rate. Therefore, we want to share the tips about how to gain it: 
1. You can gain it from any monster with access to the rare drop table. When you defeat the monster, this ring can be obtained from the "Super Rare" section of the rare drop table, which requires players to have tier 4 luck to receive. 
2. Some players obtained it by killing Dark Beasts. So maybe you can have a try on doing some AFK Slayer. 
3. Having a few 200m skills. 

Effects of RS Hazelmere's signet ring 

The Hazelmere's signet ring has special and unique effects for you. After wearing it, the chance of getting certain unique drops and rewards can be increased. Even wearing it can double the chance of obtaining any drop, but the drops from interfaces can't be double owing to the technical difficulties. When a drop is doubled, there can appear a message in the chat box: "The power of Hazelmere blesses your <item>, doubling it before your very eyes!" 

Hope this guide can help you obtain RS Hazelmere's signet ring smoothly. What's more, please come to us for cheap RS3 gold constantly. 

The RS3gold Team   

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