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How to Train RS Herblore Skill to Reach the Maximum Level 120?

Time: 11/20/19

From the latest RS Q&A, we have learned some tips to train RS Herblore skill in order to reach the maximum level 120. And we also learn some details about new potions for 120 Herblore.

Tips to reach RS Herblore maximum level 120

RS Herblore will be increased to 120 on Nov. 25. There are some tips mentioned in the newest RS Q&A to help you train Herblore skill in order to reach its maximum level, like:
- You can use these new contents including Bombs, Powerbursts and Enhancements to most current potions to level your Herblore skill. These contents can be unlocked at every level buy some of them will not have name. 
- Use some leveling benefits that can change the GP/XP or XP/HR, which will affect the training to 120. From level 115 to 116, the XP rate is 2.5-3M XP per hour. 
- 6 month grace period for the Comp cape. Some achievements may or may not have grace periods for comp. 
- Use 120 Skillcape Perk made up of 4 potions and produces 5 along with Overload, Supreme Overload or an Elder overload.  

Potions for RS Herblore 120: names & ingredients

There is a list of known potions and their ingredients with requirements of up to level 120 Herblore:
- Cooking Potion unlocked at level 55 Herblore
- Super Cooking Potion unlocked at level 79 Herblore
- Harvest Potion unlocked at level 95 Herblore
- Poison Bomb unlocked at level 99 Herblore, which consists of Weapon Poison++ and others ingredients.  
- Weapon Poison+++ unlocked at level 100 Herblore. It's easy to get. 
- Sticky Bomb unlocked at level 101 Herblore
- Charming Potion unlocked at level 102 Herblore
- Vulnerability Bomb unlocked at level 103 Herblore
- Extreme Cooking Potion unlocked at level 104 Herblore
- Elder Overloads unlocked at level 106 Herblore, which consists of Supreme Overload and Primal Extract as well as Fellstalk.
- Elder Overload Salve unlocked at level 107 Herblore consists of Supreme Salve/Salve ingredients and Primal Extract as well as Fellstalk.
- Spiritual Prayer unlocked at level 110 Herblore consists of four Prayer potions and four Summoning potions.
- Extreme Prayer unlocked at level 117 Herblore consists of Super Prayer and New Dino Produce.
- Blessed Flask unlocked at level 118 Herblore consists of 5000 Harmonic Dust and a type of Masterwork process.  

RS Herblore 120 skill is available now. Come to train your Herblore with new potions. In addition, you can buy cheap RS3 gold with fast delivery from us.

The RS3gold Team      

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