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In RS Summer Escape, What to Get on Week 1 Skilling Bonanza & POF?

Time: 08/06/19

As RuneScape Summer Escape begins, the activity Summer Skilling Bonanza in the first week has been opened to you and a variety of boosts and buffs will follow when you join in this activity. Also, there are so many bonuses for Player Owned Farms during the whole event. 

From Summer Skilling Bonanza, what boost can you get?

During the first week of Summer Escape event (Aug. 5 to 23:59 on Aug. 11) each skill without combat will get a series of boosts and buffs:
1. Woodcutting: Trees replenish twice as quickly.
2. Mining: It will have a 10% chance to give you an extra ore. 
3. Agility: Higher chance of activating The Pit will belong to you.
4. Construction: The chance to retain a plank with Scroll of proficiency will be increased by 10% excluding Ironmen.
5. Cooking: The chance to burn food will be reduced by 5% excluding Ironmen.
6. Crafting: You will have 10% chance to generate an additional urn when adding runes to them excluding Ironmen.
7. Divination: Springs will last for twice as long once a wisp is activated and enriched divination nodes will spawn every 10 minutes.
8. Fishing: Spots will move around half as frequently as before.
9. Fletching: Fletching XP will be increased by 25% excluding Ironmen.
10. Herblore: You will get extra 2.5% chance to save a secondary ingredient while mixing potions excluding Ironmen.
11. Hunter: You will obtain 10% chance to receive an extra reward.
12. Runecrafting: Increased node spawns and double reward points at Runespan.
13. Smithing: Double the effect of luminite injectors and double respect at the artisans workshop.
14. Thieving: Pharaoh's Sceptre and Black Ibis outfit drops are twice as likely at Pyramid Plunder; and you will have 25% chance not to deplete uncharted isles resources while harvesting.

Bonuses of Player Owned Farms in Summer Escape

Throughout the event, Player Owned Farms can get many bonuses, including 10% increased chance to breed animals and double item yield from harvested animals; the chance of shiny animals increased by 5%; the drop rate of animals from combat increased by 10%; 10% more beans from selling animals; 10% happiness and health increase from feeding; Honeycombs are 50% more effective when used on animals.

There are so many boosts waiting for you. So come to participate in Runescape Summer Escape to enjoy them. And the cheap RS gold is on sale at our site all the time.

The RS3gold Team

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