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Introduction to OSRS Alchemical Hydra: Basics & Unique Drops

Time: 01/10/19

OSRS Kebos Lowlands brings in various in-game contents, including the new Slayer boss – Alchemical Hydra. You need to reach 95 Slayer level to fight against the Alchemical Hydra, and have the chance to obtain new ferocious gloves and dragon hunter lance OSRS by killing it.

General information on OSRS Alchemical Hydra

Requiring level 95 Slayer to kill, Alchemical Hydra is a boss version of OSRS Hydra, the creature located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Its lair is located in an instanced area without limits to the amount of players can fight against it a world.
Alchemical Hydra can be killed as part of a hydra slayer task, which can only be assigned by OSRS Konar quo Maten (combat level of 75 required), the new slayer master in Brimstone. Notice that Alchemical Hydra cannot be killed without a slayer task.

Unique drops gained from Alchemical Hydra OSRS

Alchemical Hydra can drop all the unique drops from Hydras, including their eyes, fangs and hearts for the brimstone ring, and their tail for the bonecrusher necklace.
In addition, you have the chance to get the Hydra leather OSRS for new ferocious gloves OSRS and the hydra claw. The hydra claw can be combined with a Zamorakian hasta to make OSRS dragon hunter lance, a one-handed, tier-70 attack, tradeable weapon which can increase both accuracy and damage by 20% when fighting dragons.

dragon hunter lance osrs

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