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Jagex Office Tour Coming to Celebrate LGBT+ History Month on Feb 21

Time: 01/14/20

With LGBT+ History Month upcoming, Jagex team decides to celebrate this occasion with one-day Jagex office tour on Feb. 21. Not only will you meet with J-Mods from both RS and OSRS, but also you can have a free lunch in Jagex. 

When will you enjoy Jagex office tour? 

As the celebration of LGBT+ History Month, Jagex plans to invite some of players to visit Jagex office in Cambridge throughout Feb. 21st, 2020. And during the one-day tour, you will be able to take part in a Q&A with the J-Mods from both RS and Old School, which is designed to help Jagex make the two games more inclusive and perfect. Besides, you will also have a free lunch in Jagex.  

How to participate in one-day Jagex office tour? 

Before touring their office, Jagex has launched an official survey to you, in which you need to answer several questions taking no more than 10 minutes to complete. And at the end of the survey, you will need to fill in your personal contact details including your preferred phone number and email address. If you are lucky enough to be selected, you will be informed by a Jagex representative at the end of January to take part in a day tour on Feb. 21. 
Please rest assured that all the process will be controlled by Jagex. Your contact details will not be exposed to the third party and are just used to contact you as well as offer further details about the visit. What's more, your answers in the survey will be used internally by the Jagex team. And the personal information of all of you will be destroyed within 6 months after completion of any research taking place.
Click here to sign up by filling out the survey.

In a word, good luck to you and have a nice day in Jagex office. In addition, please continue to buy cheap RS3 gold at our site.

The RS3gold Team 

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