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Home / RS3Gold news / Join in OSRS Deadman Season 6 After Deadman Summer Invitational

Join in OSRS Deadman Season 6 After Deadman Summer Invitational

Time: 06/17/17

In a few days the Deadman Summer Invitational is coming, and OSRS Deadman Season 6 will begin too. Let’s enjoy them in hot summer with Deadman Season Gold after we learn all the following details.

When does the Deadman Summer Invitational begin?
The competition between those 2000 Players who have got the invitations will begin on June 26 and ends July 1. And the Final Hour will take place in Barbarian Village, which is a small village and a multicombat area. In addition, there will be short of choke points to keep the event intense as usual.
Finally there will only one to stand victorious and win $20000. If you want to witness the moment, you can keep an eye on RuneScape Twitch channel at 9:00 PM BST on July 1, 2017.

Is there any change for Deadman Season 6?
Yes, there are many changes for this new season. In order to encourage the rebuild after dying, unskulled players will protect all experience lost on death in season 6. At the same time Jagex will increase the rate of rebuild experience gain to 50x from previous 10x.
What’s more, there will be a cumulative capacity on combat experience obtained per day, which is 1 million at most. Please note that it will be added up. For example: on the sixth day the capacity of combat XP will get to 6 million if you have not got any combat XP before. 
For the game integrity and quality of life, there are some changes for safezones and content. And you cannot get loot when thievable NPCs in safezones are pickpocketed. In addition, the Castle of Great Kourend will become a guarded safezone and Kalphites will not be assigned as a Slayer assignment by Turael.  
What’s more, the skull penalty and 1 minute grace period will be added in season 6. And 6 hour Immunity status will be reintroduced.

Take it easy and you will have an great experience with the upcoming of Deadman Season 6 after you buy Deadman Season Gold.

The RS3gold Team

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