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Home / RS3Gold news / Join in RuneScape Golden Glow & F2P Content after Buying RS3 Gold

Join in RuneScape Golden Glow & F2P Content after Buying RS3 Gold

Time: 10/11/17

Until October 16th, you have chance to win yellow rarity prizes or greater on RuneScape Golden Glow - the new Treasure Hunter promo. Additionally, tons of updates are available to all players. You can join in these great updates after buying RS3 gold safely from RS3gold.

How long will the RuneScape Golden Glow last?
The RuneScape Golden Glow will last about one week, from 00:00 GMT (Game time) on Wednesday 11th until 23:59 on Monday October 16th, 2017. 

What can you receive during the promo?
On the Treasure Hunter promo this week, you can earn yellow rarity prizes or greater. And what you can see right now is all white prizes on the ticker have been replaced by yellow prizes. Besides, when you continue to play, you have chance to see all the prizes on the ticker being the great orange rarity or rare red rarity. What a great promo! Please join in the RuneScape Golden Glow immediately after buying RS3 gold.

What updates have been available to F2P this week?
Besides the NovtumberFest RuneScape, this week there are tons of updates available to every player, including 7quests (A Soul's Bane, Priest in Peril, Gertrude's Cat, Missing, Presumed Death, Perils of Ice Mountain, Song from the Depths, and Broken Home), the skill Fletching, all combat abilities, , eight kinds of items (off-hand weapons,coifs, studded leather armor, hard leather chaps, hard leather cowl, spider silk shield, carapace shield and wizard armor), and the access to Shooting Star D&D, Evil Tree D&D plus the Warrior's Guild. 
In addition, for these updates Jagex has done a lot of corresponding changes. 

Until now, most players feel great about these updates. Have you ever tried them? If not yet, after buying RS3 gold please join in the game right now.

The RS3gold Team

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