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Home / RS3Gold news / Join in RuneScape Item Discussion with New Invention Content

Join in RuneScape Item Discussion with New Invention Content

Time: 06/16/17

Do you want a new device to appear in RuneScape? Do you want fulfill some quality of life improvements? You can pitch Jagex your ideas right now when joining in the RuneScape item discussion or others. Meanwhile, you can buy RS Gold from RS3gold.

The main topics you can offer suggestions about 
In order to make your ideas adopted more easily by Jagex, please present your suggestions about the following topics.
You can come up with a new device which needs to focus on 99+. And the suggestion about this should include three parts, which are Device Name, what It Does, and How It’s Used.
You can also talk about the benefits for reaching higher levels. And you should follow the guidelines for item level benefits. At first, there should not be disassembly or siphoning benefits this time. Secondly, benefits cannot be too powerful for the item with low level. Thirdly, the suggestions about skill-wide changes will not be adopted this time, such as new appearances for the item under discussion, or adding extra functionality to every perk.
You can think of the machines that can automate easy processes for you slowly or the improvements for quality of life. 

The ideas that the players has ever proposed
Until now, many players have presented their ideas. Such as a player wants to add more perk slots with only 2 active at once, for there are many perks are useless and only good in niche situations. And not so many players can afford to have various gear sets to consider using them. Jagex thinks it’s a cool idea, but if they want to make it work in game, they have to make some crazy development and engine changes. All in all, it’s not possible to be fulfilled.
At the same time, many players come up with many devices.

If you have your own ideas, please present them quickly. And maybe it will be fulfilled in the new future. And don’t forget to buy RS Gold on RS3gold.

The RS3gold Team

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