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Join RS Flames of Rei Ti to Win Rei Ti Ronin Set in July

Time: 07/10/19

This month during the new TH RuneScape Flames of Rei Ti the RS team will give you a chance to obtain the Rei Ti Ronin set. And this armour set once adorned the fire warriors from the Wushanko Isles. What new features will this Treasure Hunter bring us?

Which part of the Rei Ti Ronin would you like next on Flames of Rei Ti?

It’s said long ago a group of elemental warriors from the Wushanko Isles gathered together and formed a powerful fighting force, while the fire warriors once were adorned by the armour Rei Ti Ronin set RuneScape. In a few days, you will have a chance to win the set from the new TH event Flames of Rei Ti. 
During the event, you can choose the part of armour set you want to get next. For example, if you really like the look of the headpiece, you just need choose the button consistent with that armour piece, then the chances of it rolling will be increased. Meanwhile, there is an additional button prepared for those who are only eager for XP items. 

Treasure Hunter general information

In case you are new to the RS game, we’d like to share some general details about Treasure Hunter. It’s a daily activity, during which you can use keys to unlock chests for prizes. And a certain quantity of keys can be obtained per day, with more won via other methods like purchasing them or doing certain in-game activities. Each key unlocks a chest, rewarding you with a random prize. Please note members cannot play TH on a free world. 

Expect what the Rei Ti Ronin armor look like? It will arrive very soon while you can purchase RS 3 gold cheap from us. 

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