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Join RS3 Herby Werby & Build Base Camp on The Land Out of Time

Time: 07/08/19

On the Land Out of Time, there is a new D&D RuneScape Herby Werby waiting for you to join, which offers herblore XP. Besides, you may need to build a Base Camp immediately landing on the island, while 7 different buildings can be built and upgraded, like a Town Hall and Slayer Lodge. 

Complete Herby Werby once a week

Besides what we have mentioned earlier, like Big Game Hunter, new Slayer tasks & island-wide Agility Course, you will also be able to join in a new activity weekly Distraction and Diversion - Herby Werby, during which you are required to help and direct some native species on the island destroy the poisoned flora in their cavern, since these creatures are a little crazy and burning both the poisoned and healthy plants. 
From this, you can earn herblore XP, a herb bag storing grimy herbs and so on. 

Build Base Camp RuneScape & Upgrade Slayer Lodge/Town Hall with 3 tiers

Owing to the high danger of the Anachronia island, one of the first things you may want to do is build a Base Camp as your safe haven of colonisation. You can maintain and upgrade it in a similar way to player-owned port. And you also can assign workers to establish and upgrade 7 different buildings through 3 tiers, including a Town Hall and Slayer Lodge. Progressing through this can produces perks, making your island adventure easier. For example, the damage you can deal through the whole island can be increased by upgrading the Slayer Lodge. Furthermore, it is a little of use to upgrade the basecamp in the journey across the rest of Gielinor.  

What do you expect most with the release of Land Out of Time in few hours? Let’s buy RS gold first from us and wait for their coming. 

The RS3gold Team 

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