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Last Man Standing OSRS Beta Starts with Many Changes Implemented

Time: 07/12/19

There are 5 beta worlds opened for the last Man Standing OSRS, during which you can test the changes the Old School team plans to make, like the starting stats & equipment, looting system, and new rewards. 

Last Man Standing beta details 

To test the changes to Last Man Standing the OSRS team has designed, from now you are able to join in 5 beta worlds, including 401, 405, 407, 409 and 412 (taking place on a Tournament/Unrestricted world). That means you won’t have your regular save profiles and all done during the beta won’t influence your main account. Besides, the player attack option will be set as "always left-click" by default for convenience. 
On the other hand, during the period of the beta, the current LMS worlds 425, 317, 326, and 393 will become normal worlds. 

What changes will you test during the beta?

According to players’ feedback previously, the Old School team intend to make some changes on the following aspects for LMS:
Starting stats and equipment: When logging into the beta, there will be a random set of stats granted, boosted to 99 except for Defence (changed to 75). Besides, you will all begin with a full tribrid setup rather than with just a beginner weapon. 
Looting system: you will only receive loot from chests instead of locations like drawers or cupboards. To open the chests, you need a bloody key, dropped when killing an opponent. If you stick to the final five survivors, you will begin to get bloodier keys as a drop. 
Rewards: The proposed rewards include Deadman armour (cosmetic only), 5 new Halos (Armadyl, Bandos, Seren, Zaros, and Brassica) having the same stats as the existing halos, XP rewards for the top 5 players, 3 speed one-handed weapon and so on.

It’s time to experience these changes for Last Man Standing PvP content. Firstly, please buy osrs gold or others from us. 

The RS3gold Team 

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