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Learn Detailed Weapons & Effects in RS Weapon Diversity Beta on Jun. 4

Time: 06/04/19

Starting from Jun. 4, there will be an one month long RuneScape Weapon Diversity Beta, which you can join in via the trade option on Lady Deathknell at the Combat Academy, and try out T92 sample versions of weapons (like 2h Sword, 1h Crossbow, etc.). 

New weapons & effects in Weapon Diversity Beta RS3

The available weapons in the Weapon Diversity Beta covers weapons for all skills, aiming to make them function more differently. You can find Lady Deathknell at the Combat Academy to give them a try. But for now, you an first learn the effects of the sample weapons.

Melee weapons in Weapon Diversity Beta
Will have dual-wielding effect, meaning you can hit the target twice with every attack.
Now with a 50% longer lasting of bleed effects.
Main-hand Scimitar gives 5% given damage will be applied as a DoT that lasts for 7.2 seconds, which can be increased to 10% when dual-wielding scimitars. 
4.2h Sword
A new weapon that can heal for a percentage of all critical hits.
When equipped, 200% of your equipped prayer bonus will be added to strength bonus (dual-wielding maces, the number will be 300%).
Maul will have +5 tiers of damage but -5 tiers of accuracy.

Range weapons in Weapon Diversity Beta
Gives +6% damage, however, as a short-range weapon, it gives +1% damage deal for every tile distance closer between you are to your target.
Defence abilities cost 20% less adrenaline to use.
3.1h Crossbow
2% chance whilst using a basic ability to use the same basic ability at the same time (or 1 tick after) which doesn't generate adrenaline or incur a global cooldown on the actionbar.
4.2h Crossbow
After standing still for at least 3 seconds, gain a 5% accuracy buff without a timer.
5.Throwing knives
-5 in weapon damage and accuracy, but cooldown time decreased to 1.2 seconds.
6.Throwing axes
Adrenaline gain with an auto attack using main-hand weapon and offhand weapon respectively increased to 4% and 2%.

Magic weapons in Weapon Diversity Beta
1.Air spells
Increase you  your total armour by 1%, upmostly to 10% with 10 second lasting time.
2.Fire spells
Have 5% chance of activating an extra Combust ability.
3.Water spells
When selected, a small globule of water will be left behind, healing 2% of the player’s max health when stepped on.
4.Earth spells
When selected, the target will be stunned or bound, so you can deal 20% more damage to them.

Above are the main contents about the RuneScape Weapon Diversity Beta. Find Lady Deathknell RS3 at the Combat Academy, and try the T92 sample weapons like 2h Sword, 1h Crossbow, etc. Meanwhile, buy RuneScape 3 gold for sale and prepare for these weapons’ release.

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